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Alphabet Critters is a modern ABCbook with AI illustrations of animals created by Ann Cutting and Midjourney. The book is designed by Margi Denton with a nod to Bauhaus style. Critter fun facts were generated by the chat GPT bot (and fact checked by humans). This artistic book is for children and adults of all ages. In the hands of two artists, this cohesive, distinctive, and contemporary book came about as a way to explore and experiment with the new ai generative art bots. The goal was to create something insilico that was fresh and unique, and that would be prohibitively difficult to create in vivo. The book is a limited first edition of 200, signed and numbered by the artist.


The Urban Forager showcases one of California’s richest and most rapidly expanding culinary cultures: the eastside of Los Angeles. Eastside food makers, Minh, Jack, Sumi, Rumi, and Mario represent the eastside’s diverse traditions and share beloved personal recipes, ingredients, innovations, and neighborhood resources. A hands-on, stunningly photographed collection of inspiring recipes, profiles, and references for novice and adventurous home cooks and the culinarily curious, The Urban Forager is a compelling bridge to the unfamiliar, inspiring readers to enrich their culinary repertoire with delicious new discoveries. The Urban Forager: Culinary Exploring & Cooking on L.A.'s Eastside, Photography by Ann Elliott Cutting from Prospect Park Books

“Elisa Callow takes us on a stroll through her kitchen, her neighborhood, and her meandering path of learning to be a great cook—and drops a lot of knowledge along the way. I relished her discoveries and expanded my own world of food and community.”

— Anna Thomas, James Beard Award winner and author of The Vegetarian Epicure, Love Soup, and Vegan Vegetarian Omnivore.

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Hardcover | $29.95

ISBN 978-1-945551-42-0

Ebook also available

ISBN 978-1-945551-43-7

Prospect Park Books


Brilliant solutions for making packed meals that are as inventive as they are convenient. Whether you’re planning a picnic in the park, taking lunch on the plane, making a bag for the kids, or eating al desko—there’s no reason you have to sacrifice taste or health. A packed meal can be an extraordinarily delicious meal. The Portable Feast offers up more than one hundred recipes for inventive, wholesome dishes that are ready to roam. Preparing food in advance does come with its own set of challenges, but author Jeanne Kelley has done all the work to figure out ingenious solutions. You’ll find here the secrets to packing salads so they stay crisp, layering the various components in a jar to be tossed together at the last minute. Recipes in the book are vegetable-forward and feature a selection of brilliant grain bowls built to go—a more filling type of salad built on a heartier foundation. Behind The Portable Feastis a spirit of adventure: good food shouldn’t be limited to the dining room. Why not ramp up your next concert in the park with Beet Hummus with Herbs End a romantic dejeuner sur l’herbe with Banoffee Pie Jars. Create envy at the office with a Chia Yogurt Parfait. Sandwiches mix up smart new combinations and forms such as Beet and Ricotta, Roast Squash with Almond Chermoula, or Banh Mi Subs. The Portable Feast is about striking the right balance—between work and play, healthy and indulgent—and creating food people want to cook and can take wherever they go.


Do you know what a Chrysina resplendens or a Papilionidae butterfly looks like? Travel through the alphabet with The Alphabet of Bugs to learn about the many beautiful and unusually named bugs found in nature—and brush up on those ABCs as well! Valerie Gates’s charming alliterative style paired with Ann Cutting’s stunning photographs of all types of bugs is sure to delight curious children and adults alike.

Children who already know their basic bugs will broaden their horizons, and parents who are tired of simple butterflies and beetles will find this book worth rereading. Spectacular photographs of insects of all kinds will inspire children to learn more about the different creatures found in the natural world. And while children learn about bugs, they are also learning the alphabet through silly sentences. This is an ideal gift for new parents and for young nature-loving children!

Sky Pony Press


The Life-Saving Art of Holocaust Survivor Trudie Strobel by Jody Savin

A child survivor of the Holocaust, Trudie Strobel settled in California, raising a family and never discussing the horrors she witnessed. After her children grew up, the trauma of her youth caught up with her, triggering a paralyzing depression. A therapist suggested that Trudie attempt to draw the memories that haunted her, and she did—but with needle and thread instead of a pencil. Resurrecting the Yemenite stitches of her ancestors, and using the skills taught by her mother, whose master seamstress talent saved their lives in the camps, Trudie began by stitching vast tableaus of her dark and personal memories of the Holocaust. What began as therapy exploded into works of breathtaking art, from narrative tapestries of Jewish history rendered in exacting detail to portraits of remarkable likeness, and many of her works are now in public and private collections. Through her art practice, Trudie recovered from her depression and speaks frequently to schools, churches, synagogues, and community groups about the lessons of the Holocaust.

April 2020

Hardcover | $35

ISBN 978-1-945551-76-5

Prospect Park Books


There’s more to say about L.A. than fits into a single volume. Our series brings historic sweep, humor and fresh perspectives. Our selections come from novelists, journalists, eyewitnesses, cookbook authors, broadcasters, satirists, historians, publications of yesteryear, blogs of today, gearheads and activists, actors and songwriters.

Ann Elliott Cutting • Patricia Freeman • River Garza • Jonathan Gold • Alexandra Hedison • Gilbert Hernandez • Warren Hill • Kovi Konowiecki • Lou Mathews • Carey McWilliams • Don Normark • Lisa See • Harry Shearer • R.J. Smith • C.A. Storke • Stuart Timmons • Rosanne Welch • Maritta Wolff • Karen Tei Yamashita


Everyday Meals Made Extraordinary

By Melina Davies, Photos by Ann Cutting

Melina Davies treats everyone like family. Stop by her house and she’ll whip you up a fluffy, buttery vegetable quiche with fresh greens in a homemade dressing. Visit her wildly popular L.A. restaurant and marketplace, Olive & Thyme, and she’ll come by your table to see how you’re enjoying your avocado and burrata toast. Ask her for tips on hosting the in-laws for dinner, and she’ll walk you through her juicy roast chicken with thyme and which wine to serve and music to play. A consummate host and lauded chef, Davies brings her love of togetherness to Olive & Thyme, where the vibe is relaxed and warm and the food is fresh and delicious. Davies brings that same passion to her book, Olive & Thyme, which shares her most popular recipes (drawn from French, Californian, Italian, and Middle Eastern influences), along with her breezy, practical entertaining advice. With stunning photos by Ann Elliott Cutting and a foreword by chef Jet Tila (Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen), Olive & Thyme is the ingredient every kitchen needs: a fun, inspirational guide to enjoying what matters most in life—family, friends, good food, and music.

Sept 2020

Hardcover | $35

ISBN 978-1-945551-71-0

Ebook also available

ISBN 978-1-945551-72-7